Norm Glasses Are The Ultimate AR Smart Glasses

A massive upgrade from your typical Raybans.
01 August 2019 / 13:30MYT

We’re living through the smart revolution in tech; starting with phones becoming an essential smart device, integrating with smart home devices like TVs and refrigerators. Smart glasses have been a pipe dream for a while; not even Google could make their smart glasses work. The world might have finally found the perfect pair of smart glasses with Norm Glasses.

Norm Glasses are AR smart glasses designed for everyday wear; they look, weigh, and fold like normal sunglasses and support prescription, transitional and tinted lenses. No custom fitting required. A big challenge standing in the way of AR smart glasses going mainstream is in shrinking the hardware, whether it was optical, electrical, or mechanical,  into normal-looking frames.

With these smart glasses, wearers can interact with the digital world in a hands-free and heads-up manner through voice or touch. Norm Glasses have a 20-degree field of view with a large eyebox and can be paired via Bluetooth with Android or iOS smartphone. The dual speakers with open-ear design means that users can listen from glasses while still being aware of their surroundings; the built-in smart volume control mechanism ensures that they won’t disrupt people in close proximity.

When paired with smartphones, these smart glasses are meant to integrate with a user’s everyday life. With Norm Glasses, wearers will be able to see and respond to text messages, answer or make phone calls, navigate while keeping eyes on the street, check stock prices, call a Grab, and more. Functionality can be extended with apps in the same way as on a smartphone, and can integrate with multiple voice platforms. Users can stay on top of communication, obtain or share information in heads-up, hands-free manner, without holding or touching their phone.

The Kickstarter campaign has since been fully funded, less than a day after the campaign opened up. If you’re interested, do check out the Kickstarter if you’re thinking of picking up a pair. The Norm Glasses are expected to be fully released by January 2020, and is priced at around MYR 1,200. Keep up to date by liking them on Facebook.

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