Nintendo Labo VR Kit

A worthy successor to the Virtual Boy.
07 March 2019 / 13:06MYT

Back in the 90s, during the Gameboy’s heyday, Nintendo actually experimented on VR gaming way back with the aptly named Virtual Boy. This headset created the illusion of depth, albeit with everything being tinged with red hues. It’s been 24 since the release of the Virtual Boy, and Nintendo is finally making a worthy successor to their failed console.

Now, the Nintendo Switch is no doubt a bona fide hit, being sold out all over the globe, and its versatility certainly has no bounds. The Labo line of games shows that you can turn the Nintendo Switch into vehicle simulators, a piano, and anything else you can think of. With virtual reality gaming really hitting its stride this past couple of years, Nintendo is finally entering the ring with their Nintendo Labo VR Kit.

Similar to the Google cardboard, you’ll be placing your Switch into a cardboard casing, though now you would have much more control with the Joy-Cons at hand. Of course, this is Nintendo we’re talking about, it would be unwise to think that they would aim to the heights of the Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive. The Labo VR Kit is more of an introduction to VR, with Nintendo specific games to show off the possibilities of the technology. 

The entire kit comes with the VR goggles themselves, 5 configurations which are a wind pedal, a blaster, a bird, a camera, and an elephant. Each one will correspond to a different game you can play in virtual reality. The previous Labo starter kit had the motorcycle configuration that could be used in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so here’s hoping some VR functionality comes to upcoming Nintendo titles.

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit will be available on April 12th and will come in two versions. The first being the Starter Set, which only has the goggles and the blaster, which comes up to around MYR 170. The other configurations are sold separately if you get the Starter Set. The all-in-one VR Kit will feature all of the configurations in one bundle, but will be more expensive, retailing for about MYR 330.

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