Nike Introduces Self-Lacing Basketball Shoes, The Adapt BB

The shoes that will make you McFly on the court
16 January 2019 / 11:46MYT

Self-lacing shoes has been a dream of Nike’s since Back To The Future II introduced the Nike Mag and its self-lacing prowess. Nike has since released official versions of the Nike Mag, as well as other self-lacing shoes for us in the 21st century, most notably the HyperAdapt back in 2017. Now, they’re back with a whole new self-lace sneaker concept with the Adapt BB.

While the BB in the name refers to specifically to basketball, Nike themselves has said that the shoes can definitely be used for multiple purposes. The focus on basketball is due to how over a course of play in basketball, a player’s foot size can expand to almost half a size bigger. The Adapt BB is bringing a solution to this discomfort faced by basketball players by introducing a shoe that can adapt to the foot on the fly. They do so by an accompanying app with the shoe, the Nike Adapt app.

The app is what activates the self-lacing capabilities of the shoe, and it is  just as important to the shoe itself. The Adapt BB has a chip inside them, also known as the FitAdapt, which makes this all possible. The look of the shoe takes certain cues from Nike’s Flyknit and Flywire shoes, while also sporting some sweet LEDs on the soles. The shoes will also need to be charged up as well, with it being a smart device after all. It’ll come with its own dedicated wireless charging pad for you to charge it up when not in use. The battery can last up to 10 days before needing to charge. Just remember to charge your phone as well to keep it laced up.

The smart sneaker is just the beginning, and Nike is hoping to bring more of these in the coming future. The Nike Adapt BB will be available on February 17th through physical stores as well as their online stores.

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