Lotus Evija Packs 1,972-Horsepower And Is Fully Electric!

This hypercar of the future takes only nine minutes for a full charge
17 July 2019 / 15:17MYT

Before we begin, its name is pronounced as “Ee-vee-ya”, and you’re welcome. The Evija is the first ever fully electric British hypercar created and debuted by Lotus. On top of it being an EV, the hypercar could deliver what most people would expect from a futuristic vehicle of such caliber: advanced technological implementations, and insane speeds.

The Lotus Evija is powered by four individual and compact single-speed, helical gear ground planetary gearboxes on each wheel. Each gearbox comes with the e-motor and inverter packaged as a single cylindrical Electrical Drive Unit (EDU) which Lotus is targeting an output of over 490-horsepower per motor. In tandem, the gearboxes will allow the Evija to produce a staggering output of 1,972-horsepower. The car itself has a top speed of over 200mp/h (~300km/h) and is able to hit nought to hundred in under 3 seconds.

The Evija’s impressive speed and power output is supported by a centrally-mounted 2,000 kW lithium-ion battery which is visible from its glass rear screen (where the engine usually sits in a Lotus sports cars). An impressive feat, claimed by Lotus, is that its battery can be charged from nought to 80 percent in just 12 minutes on 350kW EV chargers, while a full charge would only take 18 minutes. Even more jaw-dropping is that a full charge will only take merely 9 minutes on 800kW EV chargers. Undeniably incredible but unfortunately such chargers are not commercially available just yet, especially in Malaysia. So you’ll need more than one glass of teh tarik while you wait for the car to charge in KL.

The Lotus Evija sports a sleek and futuristic look while retaining the company’s signature design typically found in their sports cars, and the company aims to make it the lightest and most powerful production EV hypercar in the market. To go with its futuristic aesthetics, the car adopts several advanced tech including handle-less doors which can only be opened using a key fob or by a switch on its roof, an active rear spoiler which will sit flush with the rear body when unutilised, a LCD dashboard, interactive infotainment system, and cloud connectivity which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You may or may not have noticed that the Evija lacks wing mirrors on its exterior. Reason being, the mirrors are replaced entirely by cameras that pops out from its sides when the car is unlocked. The view from these cameras are then projected onto LCD displays located on the interior side of each door, which is still visible to the driver even a passenger is present. Another camera is located externally on the car’s rear which projects its view to a LCD display located at where the rear view mirror is usually found.

It’s expected that a highly advanced EV hypercar, and by Lotus nonetheless, would also sport an intimidating price tag as well. The Lotus Evija will begin production in 2020, and will cost a backbreaking GBP 1.7 million (~MYR 8.7 million) with a deposit of GBP 250,000 (~MYR 1.28 million) for all the Bruce Waynes and Tony Starks out there who wish to secure its a slot from its current 130 unit production.

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