K-Swiss Designs Sneakers That Will Make You Good At eSports

Who needs skill when you can have the One-Tap.
18 July 2019 / 13:32MYT

eSports has finally reached the mainstream consciousness, achieving the heights and success that other sports have had in previous decades, as well as producing notable teams and famous athletes. And just like the iconic Air Jordans that Nike produced at the height of Michael Jordan’s basketball career, K-Swiss is looking to do the same with their One-Tap eSports sneakers.

Created in partnership with Overwatch and Counter Strike eSports experts, Immortals Gaming Club (IGC), the One-Tap sneakers were designed for eSports players specifically. Specifications in terms of comfort, temperature, and versatility were made as key features of the One-Tap sneakers. This comes in the form of the sneakers sporting breathable mesh, as well as its slip-on design, and the addition of venting soles that are designed to keep the wearer’s feet cooled.

The sneakers feature a black and silver color scheme, emulating the team colours of Immortals Gaming Club. The top of the shoes are emblazoned with the acronyms MIBR, which is a nod to Made In Brazil, a brand owned by IGC. 

The first-ever eSports-focused sneakers is available now online, and are priced at around MYR 520 sans shipping. Future eSports champions can also check it out at K-Swiss’ official website.

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