Mobile Suit Gundam Kicks Off Its 40th Anniversary With Fila Apparel

Geek out your Gundam fandom with T-shirts, accessories, and awesome sneakers
21 June 2019 / 13:23MYT

It can’t be helped if the first thing you think of when we mention Mobile Suit Gundam would be its world renown Gunpla plastic models. Not limiting its merchandise to only toys collectibles, Sunrise Inc. (the studio behind Gundam) is collaborating with Fila Korea to celebrate its 40th anniversary with apparels decorated with the iconic Japanese anime’s themes.

From Fila’s Instagram post, we’ll be expecting T-shirts, caps, and accessories with various designs including artworks of memorable moments from the show, as well as Federation or Zeon themed decorations. Probably the best item to come out of the announced apparels are the sweet looking Fila sneakers decked out with the colour scheme of the RX-78-2 GUNDAM (see? I’m a geek too).

For now, the 40th anniversary Gundam-themed Fila apparels will only launch in South Korea on 23 June 2019. No news of the merchandise to be sold globally just yet, but we’ll definitely keep you posted. I want those shoes as much as you do!

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