Fanbrella: Japan’s Solution For Hot Sunny Days Is A Umbrella With A Misting Function!

And we wish this was available here for our hot weather in Malaysia
31 May 2019 / 15:14MYT

We can all agree that the hot weather in Malaysia is one of the few downsides of living in the country. It is the reason why we have so many shopping malls, office spaces and cars with cool air-conditioning to help us beat the heat.

Unfortunately, there will be times when leaving our cool refuge becomes unavoidable, and for those occasions, Japanese company Thanko has come up with a solution;  the new Fanbrella - an umbrella that not only covers you from the rain, it shades you from sunlight and keeps you cool as well!

The fan-umbrella hybrid has a fan installed under its dome, and if that’s not enough for a hot day, it also has the option to add a cooling mist to your experience by shoving the end of the handle into a plastic drink bottle.

The device will get you 5 hours of fan/mist cooling ability on four AA batteries and can be used with 550ml or even 1.5L bottles. It is available at the Thanko online shop for approx MYR 230.

What do you think of this amazing gadget? Would you get it for yourself? Let us know in your comments down below and stay tuned to our Facebook to be updated with news like this!

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