The DJI Ronin-SC; A Smaller And Lighter Gimbal For Your Mirrorless Cameras

DJI accepted the challenge and here’s what they’re offering
18 July 2019 / 14:01MYT

Originally teased on Twitter earlier this week, DJI officially announced a smaller and lighter follow-up to their Ronin-S gimbal. The new gimbal in question is dubbed the Ronin-SC and is aimed towards providing an optimal form factor for mirrorless cameras, as well as allowing it to be operated with a single hand for extended periods of time.

The Ronin-SC is about 40% the size of its predecessor and weighs at about 1.1kg. However, lower weight results lower payload and less powerful motors - meaning that the Ronin-SC will not be capable of supporting and stabilising larger and heavier cameras. This may come as bad news to professionals with larger and heavier shooters, but the SC is meant for current mirrorless cameras like the Sigma FP. DJI claims that the gimbal has a battery life of up to 11 hours on a full charge.

DJI’s new gimbal features the same modes found in the Ronin-S - timelapse, motionlapse, motion control and panorama - but also includes two new features designed specifically for the Ronin-SC. Force Mobile synchronises the movement of a compatible mobile device with the gimbal, and allows you to control its movement via your phone’s Bluetooth 5.0 connection from up to 82 feet away. Active Track 3.0 introduces DJI’s Active Track technology for the first time to its Ronin series, where you can mount your phone on your gimbal-mounted camera and use the Ronin App to select and track any object in frame.

The DJI Ronin-SC is available in two packages: Standard package which consists of the gimbal and its essential accessories, and Pro Combo package which includes a Focus Motor, Focus Wheel, and a Remote Start Stop (RSS) Splitter. These packages are available now at USD 440 (~MYR 1,800) and USD 540 (~MYR 2,220) respectively on DJI’s official website.

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