The New Apple iPod Touch Is Available Now Starting From MYR 899

In case you were having Walkman withdrawals lately.
04 July 2019 / 13:30MYT

Proprietary music-listening devices have been phased out with modern smartphones being more than capable of handling music, videos, and all kinds of media. That said, if the recent 40th anniversary of the Walkman awoke some nostalgic feelings of older media devices, then getting the new iPod Touch might just scratch that nostalgic itch.

The new iPod Touch was revealed to the world back in May, with the Malaysian release and pricings unveiled soon after. This 7th generation of iPod Touch comes 4 years after the 6th generation, and doesn’t change much aesthetically between the two models. Utilising the A10 processor, the 2019 iPod Touch acts like an iPhone 7 without the SIM card capabilities.

The iPod Touch will include Apple Music, Apple TV, and will support Apple Arcade when it launches. Surprisingly, this new iPod Touch also features a headphone jack, which iPhones have omitted since iPhone 8. Besides that, it is powerful enough to allow for AR capabilities and Group Facetime as well. Think of it as a taste of iOS, without it being able to call or use 4G.

The iPod Touch is available in 6 colours, with memory options of 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Prices for the models are MYR 899, MYR 1,349, and MYR 1,799 respectively. Interested parties can order the new iPod Touch on Apple’s website and expect it to be delivered by 8th July, with physical stores getting shipments around that time as well.

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