Apple Introduces Official Smart Battery Cases For iPhone XR and XS

A stylish way to keep your phone alive.
16 January 2019 / 12:58MYT

One drawback most Apple users will tell you is the battery life of the iPhone pales in comparison to the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and the rest of the Android competition. And while each re-iteration of the iPhone does the batteries slightly better, a power bank has always gone hand in hand with iPhones. Nevertheless, at least Apple is keen on giving a solution to their users.

The new Smart Battery cases for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR are here to provide an extra boost to your iPhone’s battery. Altogether, these Smart Batteries can add up to 39 hours of battery life to the iPhones, which is quite a lot considering the average battery life for an iPhone is about 10 hours or so.

The Smart Battery cases slips right on to the iPhone, which does make it a little bulkier, but acts as a support grip for when you’re holding the phone. There is a Lightning port just under the case for charging, as well as to plug in your earphones. What’s really cool is that the case actually gets integrated to the phone’s OS, immediately syncing with the Notifications Center of your iPhone.

The Smart Battery cases will be available in black and white, you can expect them soon in authorised Apple stores and online. While not made in Malaysia just yet, the retail price of the case in the US is $129, though we can’t say the priceyness of the case was not expected.

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