Fitness Tracking Or Wireless Audio? Have Both With Aipower’s Wearbuds

A shining example of a perfect match between two technologies
16 July 2019 / 18:02MYT

Normally, we’ll encounter wearables and earbuds as individual devices with the likes of Apple Watch and AirPods, Galaxy Watch and Buds, and the list goes on. Now imagine this: how about you combine both of these packed as a single device? If you thought of having the charging case for the earbuds to function as a watch; firstly, you’re more creative than I am… and secondly, you’re not wrong. But due to the extra battery capacity storage for the earbuds, most charging cases are huge and wouldn’t be something comfortable to have slapped on your wrist. Fortunately, that didn’t seem to be a problem for the fine folks at Aipower, the company that developed the world’s first wristband-housed true wireless earbuds - the Wearbuds. Oh, and they patented this innovation too.


Laugh it up. I know it’s a silly name, but that’s where all the silliness stops. As mentioned before, the Wearbuds combines both devices into one by having its fitness watch module act as housing and charging compartments for its earbuds. The fitness band features usual health functions such as tracking of your steps and burned calories, and also monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns via the Aipower companion app. It’s touchscreen based and gives you access to notifications from your smartphone such as calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Of course, the Wearbuds is compatible on both Android and iOS systems.


Due to its functions, the Wearbuds band is undeniably larger than other fitness bands in the market, but it does not sacrifice ergonomics whatsoever. It is designed to fit nicely on your wrist and while it does look bulky (like a fatter G-Shock), it does not hinder wrist movement in any way. The fitness band is claimed to last 7 days on a full charge, and provides an extra 12 hours for the earbuds. Charging is done via USB cable which can be attached to the fitness band via a magnet. Very cool, seeing that there are not many devices that actually implement this technology.

Aside from the fitness band, Aipower emphasises on providing high fidelity audio with the included HiFi earbuds. The Wearbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which provides flawless audio streaming and instant pairing to your phone, and it is also powered by an advanced Qualcomm smart audio chipset that delivers high sound clarity and booming bass. Its premium silicon eartips guarantees in-ear comfort, as well as noise isolation when tuning in to your favourite tunes. The Wearbuds also supports Bluetooth 5.0’s Mono Mode which allows fast and easy hands-free phone calls with one or both earbuds. It has a playtime of 5.5 hours on a full charge, and is designed to click in place when stored into the fitness band for charging. For those wondering, the Wearbuds is indeed waterproof with an IPX6 rating.

The Wearbuds had exceeded its USD 50,000 stretch goal in Kickstarter which will be ending in less than a month. That said, you can still pledge to the project for as low as USD 99 (~MYR 406) if you wish to secure a unit for yourself - a good bargain given that it will retail for USD 199 (~MYR 817) outside of Kickstarter once the project is completed. Backer units are expected to ship internationally by October this year.

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