Meet Aina, The World’s First AI-Powered Wearable Ring

One ring to rule them all
15 July 2019 / 19:52MYT

Growing up, I always remembered how Inspector Gadget answered calls using only his hand. Sure, we haven’t gotten that far in terms of technology, but we are close. That tech is called Aina, a smart wearable ring developed by Lazy Co. that sits on your finger and does practically everything your smartphone can.

Similar to how James Bond or Dick Tracy would have done it, users can hold their finger with the Aina ring equipped up to their ear to answer their phone. It works by projecting sounds directly to your ear using Near Field Directional Sound - a proprietary technology that is developed by Lazy.Co after being part of Qualcomm’s 6 months long Hardware Acceleration Program. The technology extends to other applications such as talking to voice assistants like Siri, Google Now, and even Alexa and instructing them to call people, set up appointments, alarms, order stuff online, and control smart-home tech like your thermostat, lights, or even your garage door.


Aside from that, Aina is also able to let you access your phone’s features without really taking your phone out of your pocket. The ring comes with a small screen for displaying icons and notifications from your phone, and navigation is done by using a proprietary Artificially Intelligent User Interface (AIUI) that predicts your phone usage behaviour. With the help of sensors on the ring to track gestures,  Aina sits on your index finger and can be controlled with your thumb, allowing you to swipe up, down, sideways, and even tap on it to control the ring’s multiple functions.

Using Bluetooth 5.0,  the connection to your phone will be seamless and  Aina will be able to let you know through haptic feedback that produces subtle vibrations when you’ve registered a command successfully. Using Aina’s touch-sensitive surface makes it the perfect remote control for devices other than your phone. You can easily enter Aina’s different modes using your voice, and have the ring control your slideshows, presentations, smart lights and music devices using in-built IFTTT. Aina is also designed to be your encrypted payment device. 


As a fitness device, the Aina is packed with 6-axis motion sensors. The small finger-worn device calculates and tracks your steps and also calorie-count all in one svelte, slick wearable that unsuspectingly sits on your finger. In terms of power, the wearable comes with 5V wireless charging and a waterproof rating of IPX7, allowing you to wear it throughout the day, even in mild rain. Its 50mAh Battery lasts well over a day (36 hours standby) and gives a solid 2.5 hours of talktime. It is compatible with iOS as well as Android, and comes in a metal housing that can be plated in gold, rose-gold, and even platinum.

Aina is currently on its last leg at the crowdfunding stage on Kickstarter, all ready to go into full-scale development. Go ahead and grab one yourself using the link here. The future of wearables ships free worldwide!

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