Adidas Unveils Their Chinese New Year Exclusive Sneakers

A great way to spend some of your Ang Pao money.
04 January 2019 / 16:36MYT

As Chinese New Year rolls around, many are keen to cover themselves from head to toe in new clothes, as per tradition. New shoes though, are considered bad luck. That is, unless your new shoes are by Adidas, who are sure to turn your luck around(?) with their new pair of Chinese New Year kicks.

The first new pair of sneakers Adidas is showing off are the CNY Edition of the Yung 96. Ironically, this year’s Year of the Pig will also be celebrated by those who are born in 1995, so close Adidas. Nonetheless, this new pair features mostly red finish with neon yellow accents. There’s also an exclusive Chinese New Year lion embroidered on the heel and soles of the shoe.


The next pair is a little more straightforward, their signature Superstar sneakers, in white and red with some golden accents. This pair also features the exclusive lion embroidery on the heels and soles, making sure that this Superstar definitely stands out.

There were talks of an exclusive Chinese New Year version of the Ultra Boost as well, with Adidas reportedly collaborating with celebrity chef Eddie Huang. No word has come out since on the CNY Ultra Boosts, but at least we have the Yung 96 and Superstar to tide us over. Be on the lookout for these exclusive sneakers as the Lunar New Year approaches.

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