The JVC HA-FW10000 In-ear Headphones Is The Definition Of Premium Audio

Launched just in time for the Wood Series’ 10th anniversary
18 December 2018 / 19:33MYT

Could materials used in the creation of headphones define the quality of audio? JVCKENWOOD Corporation believes so. The company has recently launched the Wood Series HA-FW10000 In-ear Headphones in Malaysia and there’s a reason why it is the very definition of premium audio.

The materials alone consist of wood diaphragms and natural materials namely Japanese maple wood, precious lacquer, Japanese traditional paper and natural silk from body to cable.

The final product feels exceptionally premium with hand-lacquered wood finish and a gold stainless steel body but that’s not all it has to offer. You may think that all of these materials are just used to up the “premium” feel of the product. Yet the organic materials are essential to the Wood Series’ audio potential, and here’s why:

Proprietary Wood Dome Driver Unit

Featuring an incredibly thin 50µm birch wood dome carbon diaphragms, this unique technology enhances the acoustic range while suppressing unwanted vibration through the birch wood’s natural sound propagation speed. The use of wood in such meticulousness becomes evident through the headphone’s precise audio expressions. We were impressed by how natural and real the sounds were when we tested the unit at the launch event.

Selected Natural Made-in-Japan Materials

The main aspect of the HA-FW10000 is its natural and organic materials. JVC invested in the research of various wood types and found the Japanese maple to be the best audio stabiliser as well as the housing. Japanese traditional paper (awawashi) and silk (kinu) are meant for the best sound absorption while Japanese lacquer, known as urushi, directs the flow for clear sounds. It’s such a wonder to know that all these traditional and organic materials can actually be employed to produce better sound and audio quality for human ears.

Stainless Nozzle & Acoustic Purifier With Spiral Dot+ Earpieces

Extraneous noise, or external sounds that may impede on the quality of your audio experience, are managed by the Stainless Nozzle and Acoustic Purifier. Both of these features reduces extraneous noise by arranging the tiny raised dots. It also enhances sound clarity as the extraneous noise is diffused. The Spiral Dot+ Earpieces are made of SMP iFit material, which mimics human skin characteristics. Aside from the comfortable nature of the material, it assists in minimising reflected sound and extraneous noise too. It also comes in five sizes (S, MS, M, ML and L) to ensure a perfect fit for your ears.

The Wood Series was released back in 2008 is an endeavour by JVC to create the best sounding pair of headphones and incorporating organic materials as the main aspect. It is indeed a premium line of in-ear headphones that deserve an applause for its detailed manufacturing and technological processes.

The launch also signifies the commemoration of the brand’s 10th Anniversary for JVC’s Wood Series.

The HA-FW10000 is available from December 2018 onwards at MYR6,999.

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