Hands-free Drone Control with Hover 2

A drone capable of autonomous flight that captures 4K cinematic footage
27 December 2018 / 13:18MYT

Zero Zero Robotics, the makers of the award winning Hover Camera Passport, has unveiled their next-generation autonomous drone - the Hover 2. Besides features like 4K  recording, a mechanical gimbal and up to a 5km control range- which are impressive on their own - the Hover 2 can do Autoframing, where the drone will position itself into one of four preset shots of your choosing; Omni-follow which keeps you in frame from any angle; and Trackshots where Hover 2 keeps you as the focal point as it navigates around you, even when you move! All these maneuvers are done with Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Algorithms so the drone bypasses obstacles while tracking a target in real time. There are also two controllers available for the Hover 2 - the Palm Pilot has an LCD screen displays first-person POV, letting you see what the drone sees while you control the drone one-handed with your favorite flight and capture features, and the BlastOff controller which gives you full control of the Hover 2 up to 5km away. Combine all that with a portable foldable design that is sleek and sturdy, Hover believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between safety, portability, and style.

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