DR!FT, the RC Car Powered By Your Smartphone

You’ve seen Tokyo Drift, now get ready for Table Drift.
02 January 2019 / 18:03MYT

Remote controlled cars can never really go out of style, the thrill of having all the maneuvering prowess one would have on the road on your fingertips is an exciting prospect. It also lets you live out your driving fantasies that you won’t be able to do on regular roads. With DR!FT you can do all that and more.

Created by engineer Martin Müller and his team in Germany, the DR!FT Team aims to bring all the fun of race cars with their 1/43 scale model cars that not only look the part, but handles and drives exactly like a race car too. With a Kickstarter goal of €80,000 back in 2016, about €249,659 has since been pledged by racing fans everywhere in hopes that they can start racing around their living rooms and office floors.

But what is DR!FT exactly? Well, it’s not just a remote controlled toy, it’s a game on it’s own. Utilising Intelligent Sensor Technology, the model car can scan its environment, making it so that you are able to make a track with anything you have around you. With special sensor mats, you can mark spots around your makeshift track where players can earn extra points by drifting, or even denote where the track ends.

Players control their DR!FT cars with an app on IOS and Android, with it players have complete control of the car’s speed and movements, skilled players can pull off sweet drifts if they are familiar with remote control racing. The individual cars are also fully customisable, with players able to swap out to different tyres and bodies.

It’s now 2019 and DR!FT can be bought on the official site. All prices are in Euros and they have since updated the game with a ton of new modes, new accessories and more.

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