This wearable camera puts you in the FrontRow of life

For those who don't want to miss a thing
17 August 2017 / 5:02MYT

We’ve all got that one mate who Snapchats everything, or is always filming for their Instagram Story. Annoying, isn’t it? Buy them one of these FrontRow wearable cameras and, while it won’t stop them recording everything, it’ll do it all using the 8MP, 1080P main camera, so at least you won’t notice it. It can live stream too, or photos and videos can be sent to your phone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth in order to spill them out into the world. FrontRow comes in two colours, with an asking price of US$399 (RM1715) and a UK launch expected in the next couple of months. Are you ready for your close-up?