Track Your Pet's Location, Activity And Health With The Whistle Go And Whistle Go Explore

Looks like Americans are finding more ways to cater to pet owners
25 July 2019 / 13:46MYT

Having pets can be a challenge, especially in the process of caring for them. If you've had one, you definitely would have had moments where your pet gets lost or disappears, falls ill or injured and more. Well, now there's a pet monitoring device called The Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore; also most popularly referred to as "Fitbit for dogs". 

This San Francisco-based company called Whistle specialises in animal tracking devices, and has now launched these two new wearables for pets. This tech, which simply attaches to a collar, can send both location information to owners and information about their pets' activity to a complementary smartphone application via WiFi or Bluetooth. With the launch of the Whistle Go and Whistle Go Explore though, it does more than track the location of your pets; it also becomes a health monitoring platform.

This Whistle Go series tracks pet behaviours like sleep, licking, and scratching to "enable owners to notice potential changes in the health of their pet to provide better proactive and preventative care". A weekly wellness report specially notes any changes in behavioural patterns. The main difference between the trackers (apart from colour options) is the battery life: The Whistle Go works for up to 10 days while the Whistle Go Explore lasts up to 20. Additionally, the latter version has a built-in light.

As of this week, both devices are available for order. The Whistle Go retails for US$99.95 (~MYR411.49), and the Whistle Go Explore retails for US$129.95 (~MYR535). Americans will also need to get a data subscription of $6.95 (~MYR28) a month and upward due to its use of data once the pet gets further away from Wi-Fi. While it looks unlikely to come to Malaysia for now, especially with how expensive the basic necessities are, it would still be good to have something like this here as a pet owner myself.