This strap will make your old watch smarter

Same face, new brains
29 June 2017 / 0:22MYT

Smartwatches are good for many things: measuring your heart-rate, counting your steps, flaunting down the gym. They don’t, though, tend to score too highly in the sartorial stakes. CT Band’s smart strap, then, is truly cause for celebration. Designed to play nicely with any watch face, it transforms your old analogue ticker into a clued-up timekeeper - without sacrificing on style. The strap (available in three finishes: silicone (€179, RM875), leather (€199, RM975) and stitched leather (€219, RM1070)) measures everything from speed and steps to heart rate and humidity, displaying data on an in-built OLED panel. It’ll pair with your phone, too, so you’ll see the digital compliments as they roll in.