This skull-shaped watch is made from mammoth bones

Morbid material for a death-themed ticker
12 May 2017 / 0:04MYT

Back in the heady days of the 1872, a pair of British blokes created an alloy roughly equivalent to Stainless Steel - and it soon became the watch material of choice. That just won’t do for 2017, though. No, in the decade of Trump, Brexit and the death of the headphone port, a new substance had to be found from which to craft the machines that count the seconds until our eventual deaths. That material? Mammoth ivory, made from the fossilised bones of prehistoric giants - and you’ll find a skull crafted from that very substance on the face of HYT’s new Skull Vida timepiece (around £73,000, about RM409,000). Mercifully, they’ve only made 5.