The Shell smartwatch doubles as a phone and you can charge it with your hands

What do you say to that, 4G Apple Watch?
13 January 2018 / 4:22MYT

If smartwatches began as accessories to your phone, the endgame is for them to become standalone, do-it-all alternatives. The Series 3 Apple Watch with 4G is - with a few caveats - already surfing that wave, and a new wearable called Shell is going to join it. Soon to be funding on Indiegogo, it’s a fairly basic-looking smartwatch on the surface, but 4G connectivity means you can use it as a phone too. There are two metal wings that fold out from under the watch face, with one acting as a microphone and the other a speaker. It looks more like a Batman gadget than a smartphone, but it’s a practical alternative to bellowing at your wrist. Battery flat? Shell’s mini-generator module allows you to resurrect it in emergencies using energy generated by your own hands. There’s even a 12MP 360-degree camera, because why the hell not? The campaign is due to go live later this month.