The Polar M460 is the key to your Strava-conquering dreams

Bike computer freewheels into a town called impulse buy…
12 April 2017 / 18:46MYT

The Strava leaderboard is an unforgiving place, which means you have no option but to splash out on a new bike computer. Enter the very reasonably priced Polar M460 (€180, RM845). It’s one of the cheaper ways to get Strava's Live Segments on your handlebars, which means real-time updates on how close you are to your own PR and that impossible KOM. Sitting just behind it in the features peloton are built-in GPS, an inclinometer to confirm how nasty that climb was, and compatibility with power meters. With a 16-hour battery life, it should last even your longest pub-punctuated ride too. See you in (the middle of) that leaderboard.