FITT360 is a neckband wearable camera that captures a 360-degree view of your world

Neck it
19 January 2018 / 1:36MYT

Depending on your view of technology, the ability to share a first-person eye-level 360-degree view of your every waking moment will either be an exciting breakthrough or an episode of Black Mirror. Still, that future is now here with FITT360 (from $396/RM1570), an unobtrusive neckband you can wear pretty much anywhere. Hands- and mount-free, along with being water resistant, FITT360 provides an immersive, image-stabilised view of your surroundings for up to 90 minutes, whether sightseeing, hiking, running, or excitingly blazing through choppy water in a kayak. Just probably don’t fire the thing up when you’re on the toilet. No-one needs to see that.