LG’s new 4K screen puts four displays in one for total ticker overload

Watch your stocks with eyes on stalks
04 May 2017 / 0:15MYT

One does not simply trade stocks without a multi-monitor setup. See, all of that screen real estate is vital for tracking the trends of your real, err, real estate investments. This necessity has long kept amateur investors with insufficient desk space out of the game - but now those space-short money men have a tool of their own: the Japan-only LG 43UD79-B (¥83,000, RM3190). A 42.5in, 4K-capable display, it packs four HDMI inputs - from which four separate feeds can be displayed simultaneously. It’s equivalent to a four-fold bank of 21.5in monitors, perfect for watching those spreadsheets at a refresh rate of 60Hz.