With Humax’s latest Freeview Play box you won’t miss a single programme

One box to record them all
28 September 2017 / 2:46MYT

With most channels offering a catch-up service these days, forgetting to record something isn’t the disaster it once was. But there remains something reassuring about hitting that red circle and knowing your content won’t expire. With three digital tuners, the Humax FVP-5000T (from £230, RM1305) lets you record four programmes at once, all while watching a fifth channel, and with up to 2TB (1000 hours) in storage, you won’t need to regularly delete either. The Intelligent Smart Search feature discovers content from live TV, recordings, On Demand and streaming services, so finding something to watch is a cinch. You get 85 sub-free channels (15HD), an eight-day guide, pause and rewind, and the ability to stream to your smartphone or tablet through the Humax Live TV app. Pick one up in October.