BenQ's W1700 might be the most affordable 4K HDR projector yet

The cheapest way to go big screen
17 November 2017 / 2:49MYT

Let’s be clear about this: £1,599 (RM8785) is a lot of dosh. Have you ever thought about how many Freddos you could buy for that much money? More than enough Freddos to get you through to retirement age, is the answer. But in the world of 4K HDR projectors, RM8000+ sounds like a bit of a steal, and that’s the asking price BenQ has slapped on its W1700. Said to feature true 8.3 megapixel UHD 4K resolution, the projector should make big screen movies pop, especially when you factor in CinematicColor tech, which endeavours to produce colours that meet Hollywood’s high standards. Bargain-hunters can pick one up from early January, unless of course that Freddo proposition was just too tempting.