BenQ's pocket projector is perfect for festival fun

For those rare rain-free evenings
10 June 2017 / 9:17MYT

Have you ever tried to shove a full-sized projector into a weekend bag? Don't, unless you're willing to sacrifice essential toiletries, clothing items and your travel scrabble set. Good thing, then, that this beamer is palm-sized and cable-free. Weighing just 1kg and with a 3-hour battery life, the BenQ GS1 (£549, approx RM3000) allows for trouble-free transport and setup. Better yet, it's completely child-friendly: robust, drop-proof, splash-proof and low heat - so your precious little gremlins won’t mangle their mitts. Whether you're going camping, to a festival, or even just into your back garden, this pint-sized shiner (and its several picture modes) is ready to go wherever you are.