Sitpack ZEN is a one-legged compact chair that fits in your bag and strengthens your core

Poles apart from other seating
16 December 2017 / 2:51MYT

We all like a good sit. The problem is chairs. Sometimes you don’t have one handy; or you spend hours sitting in a bad one, only to get the kind of back pain that suggests your spine wants to flee. Enter: Sitpack ZEN (from $69, RM285). It’s essentially a tiny hammock on the end of a Y-frame attached to an extendable leg. Models weigh between 360g and 460g, collapse down to the size of a large drinks can, and are built from space-age materials like carbon fibre, aerospace-grade aluminium, tactical mesh, and Kevlar webbing. And if you sit or stand for long periods, you’ll love how Sitpack ZEN’s design improves your posture and back health – even if it looks like someone’s shoved a massive stick up your butt.

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