The Ryze Tello is the budget DJI Spark your wallet's been waiting for

It's even built with DJI tech, albeit at a much friendlier price
09 January 2018 / 17:53MYT

The DJI Spark is one of the most entertaining and accessible flying drones out there, but with a price point still above RM2000, it's hardly in impulse buy territory. But what about £99 (RM540)? You might find a worthy alternative at that price with Ryze's new Tello, a pint-sized drone made using DJI and Intel tech but with some concessions to keep the price down. It'll only shoot at 720p, it flies for just 13 minutes, and it looks a lot less durable, but the 80g Tello is fully controllable with a smartphone app, also has automated flying functions, and is programmable to boot. Not yet a drone enthusiast? The Tello might be your perfect first flyer. We can't wait to get hands-on ahead of a wide release later this spring.

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