Merge’s 6DoF Blaster is like Laser Quest for your smartphone

VR shootouts without the clunky headset
09 January 2018 / 2:29MYT

While we still have a soft spot for Laser Quest, visiting a dilapidated bowling alley in Croydon can’t really compete with Uncharted 4 these days. Luckily, now we can get a taste of its real world shooting thrills (if not the dry ice) in our lounge thanks to the 6DoF Blaster (RMTBC, due Summer 2018). This toy gun has a slot for your iOS or Android phone and some nifty positional tracking tech that lets you swing your crosshairs around its virtual worlds without strapping on a VR headset. With Merge opening up its platform to developers this year, there should be worlds aplenty to shoot to smithereens too. Maybe they’ll even remake Southend’s Laser Xtreme so we can relive our teenage glory days.

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