Crush the resistance with an army of app-enabled Stormtrooper robots

Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
22 December 2017 / 3:00MYT

Save for the occasional defector and reality TV dance troupe, it’s fair to say that Stormtroopers are hard to love. That is, unless you’re talking about tiny adorable robot Stormtroopers, like this one from UBTECH. At 16-in tall, it’s not a particularly intimidating soldier, but your mini Stormtrooper will do its utmost to protect the First Order against the resistance by responding to voice commands and plans of attack you issue via its AR app. You can have it patrol your bedroom perimeter, and facial recognition tech stores up to three faces in a database, meaning any unfamiliar intruders will be quickly warned off. Available right now for £299.99 (RM1685), it would make one hell of a last minute Christmas present. Just don’t introduce it to Artoo.

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