This monitor puts its bits in a box to get super slim

A 5.2mm sliver of port-free finesse
08 June 2017 / 1:16MYT

Losing bulk, it seems, is much easier for computer monitors. While mere mortals slavishly spend hours on treadmills munching salad leaves, AOC’s PDS271 simply sticks the bulky stuff in a box. Like chopping off a leg to lose 5kg, this ultra-slim monitor (try 5.2mm deep) eschews messy ports on the back of the screen, connecting instead via a power and HDMI hub attached to one end of the asymmetrical stand. And, once you’ve convinced yourself that it’s definitely not going to topple over, you can appreciate what that achieves: frameless on three sides, the Full HD screen creates stylish impact by being, well, barely there at all.

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