HP’s latest gaming laptop is a VR-ready powerhouse that’ll (just) fit in your bag

17 inches of 4K grunt
07 June 2017 / 2:15MYT

If portability is your preference, a dedicated gaming machine has never been the laptop of choice. That inevitable backpack bulk, though, is probably palatable when it delivers a 4K experience at upwards of 100fps (thanks to a quad-core i7 chip inside) across a 17in display. Meet HP’s new Omen 17 machine (£999, RM5495), a go-anywhere gamer that’s built for AAA power. Configurable to include Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, the handiest news for tinkerers is the single access panel, which makes getting at the RAM and hard drives a cinch. Fancy something a pinch smaller? There’s a 15in model, too, for £100 (RM550) less.

For local pricing and availability, stick around!

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