Samsung Officially Announces The Galaxy Z Flip

No Malaysian release yet
12 February 2020 / 15:07MYT

The Oscars was exciting enough with the announcement of Parasite winning four awards this year, and then Samsung just had to drop an ad on the Galaxy Z Flip during an ad break in the ceremony, getting us even more excited about the next foldable smartphone.

During Samsung's annual unpacked event, the company showed it off properly for the first time. First, that physics-defying flippable folding screen. Samsung has fitted the Galaxy Z Flip with a foldable 6.7in FHD+ AMOLED display that, thanks to a sleek iridescent clamshell design, fits right into the palm of your hand. And as the first foldable with a hole punch camera, it's pretty much all screen. There's even a tiny OLED display on the front of the device so you can see notifications when the phone is snapped shut.

The new Hideaway Hinge allows the Z Flip to open at a range of angles, while Flex mode lets you split the display into two 4in screens, so you can watch videos on the top and control them on the bottom. There's also a dual-camera setup, 4K video capture, wireless fast charging and a dual battery system.

No news on it being launched in Malaysia yet, but it's priced at US$1380 (~RM5711) in the US so set your expectations right around RM6000 or so.