This new Motorola mod puts Amazon’s smart assistant on your phone

Everywhere you go, always take Alexa
21 October 2017 / 2:46MYT

Have you become so accustomed to waking up to Alexa’s weather reports and random philosophical musings that you just wish you could suck her out of your Echo and onto your phone for all-day assistance? Well, now you can, provided you have a compatible Motorola phone and a bit of cash to spare. The Moto Speaker with Amazon Alexa snaps to the back of your device, even boasting the Echo’s signature blue LED ring. There are four microphones to ensure Alexa will hear you over the office mutterings, and with up to 15-hours of battery life you shouldn’t have to worry about her pulling a disappearing act midway through reciting your to-do list. At £99 (RM555) it’s not cheap, especially when you consider the price of an Echo Dot, but if Alexa’s your voice assistant of choice this Moto mod won’t disappoint.