The Huawei Q2 has a plan for all your Wi-Fi dead spots

Whole home networking system has an electric ace in the hole
11 January 2018 / 2:16MYT

That bargain basement router you got with your broadband package? It's pretty much useless - stick a wall or two between it and you, and your Wi-Fi reception basically goes kaput. Mesh Networks are where it's at, with multiple base units broadcasting strong signals around your whole house. Even those can slow down if you get too far away from the main hub, though - something Huawei's Q2 system has found the answer for. As well as a mesh connecting each Wi-Fi satellite together, they also use using Powerline tech, piggybacking on the electrical cables in your walls and guaranteeing the fastest speeds. The Q2 will be going on sale as a triple-pack, which is good for an entire two-storey family house. Expect to pay around US$350 (RM1405).