Squeeze more out of your SousVide with the Supreme Touch+

Now comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Alexa support
22 August 2017 / 2:45MYT

Amazon’s Echo might be the most over-engineered kitchen timer available but until now Alexa couldn’t do any actual cooking for you. The Supreme Touch+ sous vide machine, however, has Wi-Fi built in and Echo compatibility onboard, so once you’ve sealed your food inside the bags (sous vide is French for ‘under vacuum’) and placed it into the water bath, you can just ask Amazon’s robo-assistant to turn it on for you. The Supreme Touch+ will then maintain a constant temperature to make sure the food is never overcooked and the vacuum seal means it stays succulent. You can back its Kickstarter campaign now for US$349 (RM1500), which is nearly half the final retail price.

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