SpinX is the autonomous robot that cleans your toilet, so you don’t have to

17 November 2017 / 2:28MYT

SpinX ($199, RM830) makes it look like your porcelain throne’s gone and got itself the toilet equivalent of a flat-top. But what appears to be an absurdly chunky lid is actually a robot perching atop your toilet, dreading the moment you press one of its buttons. Because when you do, SpinX spends the next 90 seconds jetting away anything you left behind on the seat, while its little robotic arm methodically cleans the entire bowl. “It’s a great time to be alive”, claim the robot’s creators, beaming that they’ll never have to clean a toilet again. SpinX might argue otherwise, while trying to figure out if its arm can somehow reach your smartphone to dial a robot escape helpline.

Where to buy

SpinX is already funded on Kickstarter. Toilet one into your home, pledge before 22 December.

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