Smart home devotees should Thinq about LG's new AI-assisted speakers

I'm afraid I can't let you burn that toast, Dave...
03 January 2018 / 0:40MYT

Pretty soon you won't be able to boil a kettle for a brew, whiz up a smoothie or set your unmentionables on spin cycle without an AI assistant offering to do it for you - or at least you won't if you deck your house out with LG's ThinQ applicances. The new range of Wi-Fi enabled white goods will all be voice controlled through the ThinQ speaker, built in partnership with Google to make sure it can answer just about anything you ask of it, including pre-heating the oven in time for dinner. It'll use Google Assistant for hands-free smart home controls, and should sound pretty decent too, if LG's marketing blurb about "premium" audio is anything to go by. Not word on price just yet, but it'll be officially revealed at CES 2018 in just a few days.

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