Press Flic's luminous smart button for emergency night-time geekery

No more fumbling in the dark for your dignity...
13 July 2017 / 2:25MYT

Smart buttons don't seem so smart when you're fumbling around for them in the night. Then they're just accomplices to knocking over your glass of bedside water, or luring you into a bathroom door headbutt. But not if you've bought the luminous Flic Glow ($99, RM425 for four). A glow-in-the dark version of Flic's standard button, it lets you do everything from controlling your Philips Hue lights or Sonos speaker, to triggering more complex scenes via IFTTT. Right now, the buttons work via your phone's Bluetooth, but from October 2017 they'll be getting a dedicated hub to make sure they're always in range and ready to lazily order you pizza.

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