The Nest Cam IQ lets you ‘zoom, enhance’ like a CSI detective

Indoor security cam has 4K vision and movie director ambitions...
01 June 2017 / 0:57MYT

How is a burglar supposed to get viral fame when your security camera can’t properly zoom in on his face? Luckily, you can now treat him to the Nest Cam IQ (£299, RM1650 out late June), which has a 4K sensor and some impressive directing skills. It doesn’t break your home network by recording or streaming in 4K. Instead, the disarmingly cute Cam IQ uses the extra resolution and HDR to crop in on fine details that would otherwise be a pixelated blur. Okay, it can’t quite pick out reflections in his eyeball, but face recognition and ‘supersight’ let it follow your intruder around a room, helping him star in his personal Home Alone movie (minus the swinging paint cans).

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