The Nanoleaf Remote is like a 12-sided die that controls your smart home

Take a chance on a fresh scene for your space
09 January 2018 / 17:49MYT

Nanoleaf's Aurora light panels provide a dazzling show wherever you mount them, but the company isn't done thinking up inventive new ways to jazz up your smart home. Here's another: the Nanoleaf Remote. It looks like an enormous 12-sided die, but this one's not meant to be rolled. Instead, you'll create smart home scenes in Nanoleaf's app – using Aurora lights, but also Apple HomeKit-compatible things like blinds, thermostats, and speakers – and then choose between them by laying a certain side of the Remote pointed up. You can even rotate it to adjust a light's brightness, for example. The Nanoleaf Remote looks as clever as it does cool, and it'll be out this spring at £50 (RM275).

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