Master Lock's Bluetooth box is a doormat-beating hiding place for your spare key

Fortunately doesn't work with Alexa...
05 July 2017 / 3:16MYT

Keys aren't going anywhere. Sure, we now have gesture-controlled drones, but changing our front door locks for something a bit more intelligent is just way too much hassle. So how else can you give easy temporary house access to a friend, plumber or Airbnb visitor? Step forward Master Lock's Select Access Smart (£109, RM605). It can be opened with the usual keypad code, but also lets you give access to contacts on your phone via the eLocks app. You get notifications when people come and go, while the sturdy zinc construction promises to keep opportunist burglars at bay. Just make sure you give your doormat a good brush to let him know that his services to hiding spare keys were greatly valued.  

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