Ikea’s Smart Lighting is here to outshine Philips Hue

It’s Sweden vs the Netherlands in the World Smartlight Series...
29 March 2017 / 1:30MYT

Welcome to your next impulse buy from Ikea’s devilishly addictive Marketplace section. The Swedes’ new Smart Lighting collection will be arriving in April 2017 to fill your house with app-controlled bulbs, panels and even doors, for the full Starship Enterprise look. At the system’s heart is the white Trådfri LED bulb, controlled by a remote control that attaches magnetically to your wall. Pair it with a gateway or motion sensor and you’ll be able to control the lights with Ikea’s iOS and Android app, or just by walking in and out of the room. Sure, there’s no voice control or Apple HomeKit support, but the kits start at only £15 (RM85). And you only came here for a cheap colander, didn’t you?

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