Hive View’s detachable head makes it the Captain Versatile of security cams

It's like a cross between a GoPro Session and a guard dog
05 January 2018 / 2:04MYT

Most indoor security cams have to stay leashed to their power cable, like ill-disciplined dogs. But not the Hue View (£189, RM1025, whose HD video recording head can be plucked from its stand and plonked anywhere for up to 90 minutes, should you wish to keep an eye on your pet hamster while you pop to the shops. Unlike Hive’s previous Cam, the View has ‘person detection’ to help distinguish genuine intruders from moving shadows, so you don’t end up getting a torrent of alerts. And it also gives you video captures from the last 24 hours for free, or a 30-day rolling history for £4.99 (RM30) per month, which is about standard for cloud-based cams. Just don’t leave it pointing at the garden all day while Feathers McGraw makes off with your telly.

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