Get a better night’s sleep with the stylish Circa Smart Alarm

05 December 2017 / 1:20MYT

We know, we know, your iPhone is a perfectly good alarm clock thank you very much, and one you’re less inclined to punch when it goes off for the fourth time. It makes a device created solely to police your sleep a difficult sell, but we can’t help but like Circa. Now nearing the end of its Kickstarter run (and agonisingly close to hitting its target), the smart alarm uses a combination of audio and subtle lighting effects to help you drift off, while Spotify integration and built-in speakers mean you can rise to your favourite obscure B-side. Each device comes bundled with a sleep sensor that slips under your mattress, with the data it collects used to wake you up at the optimum time and provide feedback on positive changes you can make for a better kip. Black pixels are turned off on the OLED display, keeping overnight light to a minimum. Without voice assistant integration, $199 (RM810) is a pretty high asking price, but those tempted have about a week to make their all-important pledge.

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