Vulpine's Merino blazer takes you from saddle to soiree in seconds

Performance and play in one handy jacket
04 May 2017 / 0:36MYT

Time was, getting to a party meant hailing a cab and hoping there was nothing sticky on the seats to ruin your finest Friday garms. Nowadays, it’s all about two-wheeled transport - and jackets to match. Take this button-up number (£273, RM1525) from serial cycling outfitters Vulpine: while it might look smart enough to get you past the bouncer, a breathable outer softshell paired with a fast-drying, odour-fighting Merino wool lining means it’ll still do the duty when you’re pedalling through town with a pitcher in your pannier. Once you’re at the party, a subtle reflective strip on the rear is all that’ll give your do-it-all dress code away.