Tumi’s Global Locator will make your suitcase impossible to lose

Worldwide tracking for proper peace of mind
08 July 2017 / 2:12MYT

If you’ve never lost a suitcase, you won’t have experienced the panic and palaver of trying to get it back. Lose it at any major international airport and it could end up everywhere from Mauritius to Moscow. Not, though, if it’s got Tumi’s Global Locator (US$200, RM860) packed inside. A pocket-sized puck, the dinky device harbours GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - all of which are used to deliver real-time location data to the owner’s phone via the iOS or Android app. It’s plane-safe, too, thanks to accelerometer-controlled modes - including a hotel setting to ensure it stays in one place, and a tethered option to prevent wayward wandering.