This toughened wash bag keeps your camping kit and clutter in check

A dopp kit for the disorganised
09 June 2017 / 4:11MYT

Even hardened camping fans can find the fuss and faff of keeping toiletries organised more chore than charming after a week away from a proper bathroom. Cut the frustration with this spacious Dopp Kit (£55, RM305) from tent-makers Heimplanet. Despite its diminutive proportions, you’ll find plenty of clever compartments crammed within its unfolding ballistic nylon shell, while an in-built hanger means you needn’t worry about dropping the soap (as long as the campsite shower has a hook). Stuffed full of your smellies and scrubs, its mesh nets and zip-closures will stay sorted - even when the rest of your gear is strewn about your canvas abode.