Rolkaz makes the sk8r boy an eco-warrior

Hemp decks for snowflake asphalt carving
27 April 2017 / 15:30MYT

Skating is all well and cool, but if you’re a regular board breaker then you’re costing the planet a whole lot of maple. Switch to a nifty Drifter deck from Rolkaz on Kickstarter and you’ll get all the fun of a guilt-free heel flip. Constructed from a sturdy and sustainable combination of hemp (which grows speedily and doesn’t require chemicals), flax and plant-based resin, Rolkaz’s boards prove that going green doesn’t mean dropping performance, with boards both stiff and shock-absorbing - whether your crushing the bowl or just cruising the boulevard. There’s a smaller model, dubbed the Mala, if cracking Ollies in the mall is more your thing.